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A girl asked to touch my hair and said "Ew"... My Hair Loss Journey and how SMP got my groove back

A girl asked to touch my hair and said

High School

Yes, that's right High School!  Like many of you, I started losing my hair at an early age, probably around the senior year of high school (17 or 18 years old).  A girl asked to touch my hair and she said, "Ew, it's pretty thin".  At the time, nothing looked out of the ordinary when I looked in the mirror.  I was still using gel every day and hair appeared thick but, slowly and surely, my dome was starting to reveal itself.  Doctors say you don't notice anything until half your hair is gone...

Fearing the worst, I scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist the next week, and sure enough, my dermatologist gave me the bad news. I did not have health insurance back then either, paying for bad news really sucks! After that, my whole life changed. I was 18 and depressed..

My dermatologist started me on Rogaine (minoxidil), he asked if i wanted to start on Propecia (finasteride) but, for an 18 year old, it was way too expensive.  Of course Rogaine takes time to work and 6 months went by, and going into college my bald spot was still there. 


Imagine being a freshman in college and having a bald spot!  I starting growing my hair long and starting slicking it back to cover my baldness. It was seemingly working for a while but, with all the partying and drinking I was doing and my laziness with the Rogaine it wasn't getting any better.  I bit the bullet and started taking propecia too but, still not really happening.  

These were tough years for me.  I went to an engineering school where girl to guy issue was pretty bad, studies were hard, I had hair loss, and oh did I mention terrible cystic Acne?!  I wasn't exactly in great shape either, and not that tall (5' 7").  Not a surprise that I did not lose my V card until like 22 right?

Even with the above, I managed to have a good group of friends, could have done worse with the ladies, and managed to get some top notch internships within the field of IT and computer science. 

Post - College

I landed a job at a pretty respectable company in New York City doing programming work, and even managed to get a girlfriend!  My acne had died down a bit and I was also in much better shape.  Having health insurance and some money can do wonders! I had changed my diet to be extremely healthy and was noticing that my hair was growing longer and thicker.

That seemed to work a little while but, of course the whole health and exercise routing did not last too long (now with a newborn it's even harder).  I also started grad school during this time but, still had that hair loss and my acne was starting to creep back.  It was during this time that I met my future wife.  

My hair and skin were not in great shape

I honestly don't know what she saw in me, physically at least.  Sure, i had a pretty good job and I was doing well in school but, she could have gotten much more attractive guys.  Lucky me!

My First Hair Transplant

After about 4 years of dating and moving in together, I decided to propose to my wife.  Of course with the wedding coming up, I needed to do something about my hair.  My engagement photos looked terrible!  I could not believe how bad my hair had gotten. Having the photo-shoot outside was a terrible idea.  My wife is from Turkey and as anyone might know, Turkey has been a very big destination for hair transplants.

My father-in-law had located a hair transplant surgeon in Antalya, Turkey for a pretty reasonable price and apparently he was very well respected.  Needless to say, I wish I done my own research.  The procedure lasted 17 hours and it was very painful.  I came back to the US, took the bandage off and at first glance it looked alright, but, you could definitely tell that I had gotten something done and it did not look natural at all.

Over the next months, and years I had begun to really dislike my hair transplant.  It was becoming very obvious and people would even stop and stare and look at my hair because it just looked so hideous and obvious.  So about 3 years later I decided to shave it off and go for a cleaner look.  But, even then, you could tell the areas where i had the plugs and where i did not.

Enter SMP

Seemingly, out of nowhere, I had started to get SMP advertisements on my Facebook feed.  I was living in Massachusetts at the time, and said hey, what the heck, let me contact them. Can't hurt!  I contacted the company and had a few consultations and a year later I decided to pull the trigger.  I am currently on my second session and cannot wait to see the end results.  I am absolutely happy with what I have gotten so far and can't wait to see the end results!

If I am feeling confident enough, I'll post some before and afters. Stay tuned for another article!

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