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Part 1 - Beginner's Guide to Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Part 1 - Beginner's Guide to Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Beginner's Guide to Scalp Micro Pigmentation - Part 1:

You’ve probably been hearing a lot of buzz (pun intended) lately about scalp micropigmentation otherwise known as SMP and are wondering what is it all about and is it right for your unique situation?  Is SMP the solution for the hair loss you have been dealing with for years or decades?  Can you finally get rid of that hair system or fix that hair transplant you’re not so happy with a real permanent solution?  

The answers to the above questions probably lie somewhere in between yes and no, maybe.  A successful scalp micropigmentation, unfortunately, may not be the answer for everyone and it may not be right for you. Hopefully, this guide will assist in finding that answer out.  

With all the options available today in hair loss treatment, scalp micro-pigmentation is a relatively new and revolutionary idea.  The procedure was pioneered at a clinic called HIS Hair Clinic in the United Kingdom almost 12 years ago in 2002.  There are a lot of great clinics out there, you can find many of them here in our directory.  

Like with any procedure, especially cosmetic ones, you MUST MUST MUST do your research!  We at try our best to comb through our member clinics and ensure that the clinics here are top quality and provide you as much information as possible, but it is ultimately your responsibility to see if that clinic is right for you.  A perfect way and time-saving way to do that is by using our power match tool.  Fill out a short, 30-second form, and we will put you in touch with multiple artists that suit your needs only. After that, artists of your specifications will get in touch and you take it from there. Talk about time saved!

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation, What is it?

Scalp micro pigmentation, otherwise known as SMP, is the process of pigmentation or tattooing the scalp to make it look like you actually have a shaved head, giving you a very masculine, and athletic look.   Please be advised, this is a highly skilled area and not everyone can do it, especially not tattoo artists. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not go to a tattoo artist to get this done.  This procedure requires extensive training and experience!  It is an entirely different process!

So when you look at a shaved head, it looks like a bunch of small dots, right?  This is what SMP artists attempt to duplicate but, it is not real hair.  The results can be extremely real looking and no one is the wiser.

Will SMP look good?

When done correctly by a certified, trained, and experienced professional, scalp micro-pigmentation can look extremely realistic, no doubt. It's actually quite amazing how these magnificent artists can replicate the look of a shaved head so amazingly!

So it's easy to see why SMP has exploded in popularity right?!

The most concerning area for clients tends to be the hairline.  This is the first thing people see when they look at your head.  It is important to talk through this with your artist.  If the artist is trying to push an opinion on you or you are not comfortable with the layout, it is time to leave and look elsewhere.  A lot of guys get straight edge hairlines, if it was up to this author, older guys would be better off with a more age-appropriate hairline (i.e. slightly receding) but, to each their own.

Tell me more, what is the SMP process?

Usually, an SMP procedure can be done in about 6 to 10 hours broken up in 3 to 4 visits.  However, not everyone is the same. Some may require more, some may require less.  It really depends on a lot of factors. Factors include 1) Do you have significant scarring from a previous hair transplant? 2) How much hair do you have? 3) How full of a look do you want?  These are also questions you should go through thoroughly with your SMP artist.  Do not put a deposit down until all of your questions and concerns have been talked through.

It is very important, that the technician and clinic are totally in sync with your expectations and requirements.  Be prepared, a good clinic may even turn you away if they feel like your expectations are too high or cannot be met.  It is important to keep realistic expectations but, also important to know if your SMP tech understands your needs.

During your visits, the artists will layer dots to fit your unique profile.  The artist uses a special pigment gun with a very fine needle.  Although not as painful as a hair transplant, it can be uncomfortable for some.

After each session, you'll be told to keep your scalp moisture free and don't shave or trim for a few days. Don't sweat too much, no direct water when showering, and stay out of direct sunlight!

Typically, the artist will also ask you to keep your scalp hydrated with a good moisturizer.  In the first few days, you would also want to put something like A+D, Vaseline, or Aquaphor on as well to keep a protective barrier.  As time goes on (only a short period) the pigments from the previous session will settle, the skin will heal and redness will go away. Usually, all redness goes away after only 72 hours.  When you go for your next sessions, the artist will go over those areas again to give a denser look and a more 3D appearance.

There's a lot more to come, stay tuned for part 2 of this article.

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