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Part 2 - Beginner's Guide to Scalp Micropigmentation

Part 2 - Beginner's Guide to Scalp Micropigmentation

Part 2 - Beginner's Guide to SMP

Be sure you check out Part 1 - Beginner's Guide to SMP  first!

Hope you enjoyed the first part and found it informative.  Please reach out to if you have any questions or please reach out to some SMP artists listed in our community.  You can find them here!

In the last article, we spoke about what SMP is, how SMP artists work their magic, and what kind of results to expect.  In this segment, we'll talk about some potential things to think about like aftercare, fading, comfort, and cost.

Will my SMP fade after treatment?

For each dot that an SMP artists 'tattoos' into the skin, a small wound is created that will turn into a scab.  The actual ink will be underneath the scab.  After the scab falls out, some of the ink may go along with it.  That's why SMP typically takes several sessions to complete because oftentimes the artist will keep going over previous ink deposits.  Sooner or later, however, your ink will fade.  It really depends on the type of ink that your artist uses and your body.  Typically, the immune system treats the ink as a foreign object and tries to remove it.  We prefer the artists to use as close to organic ink as possible.  This will reduce the chance of your body rejecting the ink.

However, as with any procedure, the fading is the result of a lot of factors:  Your skin type, how much time do you spend in the sun (very important to use high SPF sunscreen always!), etc..  So it really varies on person to person but, typically the ink lasts 3 to 6 years before you need a 'top-up'

Keep in mind that in between sessions, your ink may fade a little as well because of the reasons said in the first paragraph.  Be sure to choose an artist that does not charge by session but charges for the entire job.  Doing the procedure on a session basis can get costly very quickly.  

Many clinics offer a minimum of 3 to 4 sessions included in the price with 6 to 12 months of free touch-ups.  Some clinics also offer up to 6 sessions to make sure you are a happy customer along with the 6 to 12 months of free touch-ups.  Like we said in the first article, do your research!  There are a lot of great clinics out there but, also some bad ones.  Use our search tool to help you avoid those pitfalls.

Is SMP painful?

A lot of people ask is scalp micropigmentation painful?  Generally, people describe the procedures as uncomfortable but not painful.  The sensation is like having a pencil scratching you over and over again.  A good clinic will typically have a TV set up or WiFi internet connection so you can distract yourself from the uncomfortable sensations.  You can also have a long conversation with your artist and get to know him or her!

People often ask about taking painkillers like Advil before the procedure.  A lot of clinics will actually ask you not to take painkillers because it may thin the blood.  Although, very rare, depending on your skin, some slight bleeding may occur but, this is not the usual.  If this is a concern for you, talk to your SMP artist and your doctor on the best way forward.

Does SMP require me to sell a kidney? How much does scalp micro-pigmentation cost?

No! Absolutely not! That's why people love it!  Compared to hair transplants which can cost more than $10,000 a complete scalp micro pigmentation treatment normally costs around $2,000 - $4,000 depending on the extent of your hair loss, scarring, and density requirements.  Consultations are typically fee.

Also, don't forget about the cost savings.  Many guys use Rogaine and Propecia to maintain what hair they have. Rogaine can cost $50 a can per month and Propecia is $200 per month typically.  Your procedure will pay for itself within a year's time.

Use our artist matching form to contact all the SMP artists on our website and close to your home using this form.  This form will automatically send your message and requirements to all available artists in your area.  They will then contact you for your requirements and answer any questions you may have.  It's the most convenient way to get started!

It's actually a great time to be a client in the SMP marketplace.  Scalp micropigmentation has seen a huge boost in popularity and with that, a larger number of artists are now practicing as opposed to 10 years ago, and competition for clients has certainly increased.  Customers these days are in a much better position to get a great deal from a great artist.

However, with any important decision, especially a cosmetic one, you want to be happy with the end results.  That's why it is very important to not base your decision on price or convenience itself.  Please ensure that your artist has all the valid certifications, licenses, and most of all, experience before choosing.  Take a look at their website, Instagram, and other social media to see the work they have done.  A good artist will love to show off their work!

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