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Scalp micropigmentation and the coronavirus

Scalp micropigmentation and the coronavirus

Having a great look can go a long way to enhance your self-esteem and confidence. 

Scalp micro pigmentation has become a sure and effective hair loss solution because of its mind-boggling natural and undetectable results that almost feels like a magic trick. The state of baldness or hair loss can be a nightmare for so many people, irrespective of class, position, or societal status. Many keep trying different solutions to help them ward away the embarrassing look that hair loss comes with. It is truly embarrassing at times, when you get stopped by some random hair growth product salesperson on the streets or in the malls, and will swear to you they have a secret solution even for your genetic hair loss problem. 


Over the years, the scalp micro pigmentation solution has risen to be one the safest for people who suffer baldness and alopecia. In the corporate world, most top managers and employees who happen to be affected by baldness and loss of hair, which affects style and personal brands, have lost their confidence and self-esteem with regards to work and social life; but that can be a thing of the past.

Whatever your hair problems are, you will be smiling once again. Scalp artists use a pigment gun and specially designed needles to create pigments or tattoo on the scalp which perfectly mimics the hair and shadow shade of natural hair giving a great look, one that can be mistaken for a perfect shaven head.

This is a process (really a form of artwork) that demands the hands of experts and artists with a great knowledge of pigmentation to bring out the desired result. Further, to make it legitimate, the SMP artist should be able to comply with the state requirements, which includes certification of tattooing related business with regards to licensing and state approvals and other requirements from the local health departments. 


In the wake of COVID-19 late 2019 all through the second quarter of 2020, a lot of businesses have had to adjust their methods to continue serving clients while maintaining safety standards to help curb the spread of the virus. Scalp micro pigmentation clinics are not immune to that and have been one of the most affected businesses. SMP artists have been greatly affected by the pandemic causing clinics to record low turnouts. Salons now need to adhere to the laws surrounding COVID-19 as required by the respective state of registration.

The popularity of SMP has increased across the U.S.A. and a 2017 survey shows that more people are getting a scalp micropigmentation tattoo in the U.S. Overall, the tattoo industry has grown by 6.1% since 2014, and it is now estimated to be a  billion-dollar per year industry. This robust industry however wasn't ready for a global pandemic.

The upsurge of coronavirus infections demands extra diligence. COVID-19 has raised the bar for every business activity in terms of health and safety precautions. In certain major cities and several countries in the world, tattooing generally has been slapped with a ban till further notice For example, until recently Dodge City Tattoo company in Cullman County, Alabama had to cease operations as directed by the state when there was an alarming rise in Corona infections and death toll cases. This brought a lot of economic uncertainty to some major players in this industry which Scalp Micropigmentation falls under. Some of the new policies include the requirements of clients in putting on a facemask and for the temperature to be checked before walk-in.

As the SMP artist is obliged to protect clients, it also demands that the clients must also make a conscious effort to protect themselves as well. This will go to ensure safety and satisfaction for both the client and the SMP artist without a cause for alarm concerning Covid-19 symptoms.

Since different states have different closure rules on tattoo parlors and hairdressers, scalp micropigmentation has fallen into a gray area. Some qualify themselves as barbers whereas others qualify themselves as tattoo artists. In light of this development, when booking an appointment with a scalp micropigmentation artist be sure to ask about COVID-19 regulations in their town and state as well as what precautions they are taking. SMP artists have taken a hit since the pandemic began because of the varying rules and gray areas.  Be sure to ask the right questions and demand answers when making an appointment.


 Perhaps you are in a dilemma and may have thought about looking into scalp micropigmentation treatment as a solution for your baldness and alopecia but unsure about safety precautions being met by SMP salons. We understand that everyone is scared due to a lack of information. Having gained much insight and knowing what it takes, we would like you to check out our exclusive network of professional scalp Micropigmentation artists to meet your hair transformation goals. 


The artists within our network have implemented new sanitation strategies including spaced out seating per social distancing mandates, artists wear face masks, and gloves as well. 


A typical client’s head is usually completed in 2-3 sessions and our artists have all that planned out to give you the safest salon session you will appreciate. SMP artists will carefully compliment your natural hair color so that the ink gives the illusion of your natural hair. The treatment is administered professionally with little pain, and your results will look incredibly natural. Unlike a hair transplant, with scalp pigmentation, there is almost no maintenance or lifestyle restrictions afterward.

If you’re interested in the “fresh out of the barber” look with no surgery required and minimal maintenance afterward, look no further, scalp micropigmentation might be the best hair loss solution for you. Scalp micropigmentation can’t cure the Coronavirus but it can give you back your hairline & confidence.

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