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Founded in March 2020, Global Scalp Artists aims to provide unbiased advice, tips, and research on the scalp micropigmentation industry.  We aim to serve as a resource to clients that are looking to get scalp micropigmentation done for their hair loss.  Our website has a list of members that you may contact for your scalp micropigmentation needs.  The members on our website often pay to be featured or listed on our site so, you must do your research or contact us with any questions. is not affiliated with any clinic.

How Global Scalp Artists Works

For Clients

Global Scalp Artists is a website for premier scalp micropigmentation artists around the world.  Clients can use our services to find the best artist for their needs using either of the following ways:

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Allow us to find the best artists for your needs by using our power matching tool

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If you are unsure of how to start or have any questions, contact us at 617-615-9359 or use our contact form

For SMP Artists

Are you interesting in joining the elite Global Scalp Artists website?  Contact us now for consideration.

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